Pop art

Animo Watts Visual Arts: HOW TO POP ART

Pop art is a type of art with different bright colors and textures.

Animo Watts work is considered pop art because of the colors.

His work is very colorful and original.

I chose this artist because his work looks cool and interesting.

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode: Automatic mode tells you what the best shutter speed is, ISO, aperture, white balance, focus, and flash. It also lets you override flash.

Portrait Mode: Portrait mode will select a large aperture. You use portrait mode when you are focusing on one thing.

Macro Mode: Macro mode is good for shooting small objects. Macro mode lets you zoom into smaller objects that you are shooting.

Landscape Mode: This mode has a small aperture. It is used for shooting larger scenes.

Sports Mode: Sports mode is used to capture moments of something moving. Sports mode freezes the action of something you’re shotting.

Night Mode: Night mode is used to shoot low light situations. Night mode has a longer shutter speed.

Movie Mode: Movie mode is used to capture video and sound. It is used to capture moving things and capture it moving not freezing it while moving.